Senior Management Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zhai Shutao

Mr. Zhai assumed the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Tuas Power on 1 September 2018, and he is concurrently Director of Tuas Power. He was Deputy General Manager of China Huaneng Group Fuel Co. Ltd., and Chairman of Shanghai Ruining Shipping Co. Ltd. since February 2017.

Mr. Zhai’s extensive experience in the power generation industry also includes technical experience in the production and operations of power generation companies. He served two years as Director of the Huaneng Shanghai Shidongkou No. 1 Power Plant and two years as Director of Huaneng Nanjing Power Plant.

Mr. Zhai was the General Manager of Huaneng Yingkou Thermal Power Co. Ltd. since June 2010 and Deputy Director of Huaneng Nantong Power Plant since May 2007. He graduated from Southeast University with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering.

Senior Vice President
(Generation and Utilities)

Mr George Tan

Senior Vice President
(Business Development)

Mr Ben Lau

Senior Vice President

Mr Michael Wong

Vice President
(Finance & Treasury)

Ms Li Fanghui

Vice President
(Fuel Management)

Ms Ida Handojo

Vice President
(Legal & Corporate Services)

Ms Koh Chin Fah

Vice President
(Information Technology)

Mr Wong Kim Teck

Vice President
(Human Capital Management/
Corporate Communications)

Mr Tan Tee Huat

 Vice President

Mr Tan Chek Jiang

Assistant Vice President
(Trading & Regulation)

Mr Tony Tan