Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QEHS) Policy

Tuas Power Generation is committed to provide competitive electricity supply reliably and efficiently.

Tuas Power is committed to secure the health and safety of our employees and our contractors, and protecting the environment and the communities where we operate. Meeting this commitment is a primary management objective and the individual and collective responsibility of all Tuas Power employees.

We shall achieve this through:

  • Complying with all relevant legal and other requirements, including electricity market rules and regulatory requirements;
  • Caring for the health and safety of our employees by providing adequate resources;
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner, through maximising our plant efficiency, resource conservation, reducing waste and controlling emissions;
  • Creating a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace by motivating all employees to take personal accountability; and
  • Continuously improving our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management systems and practices


Tuas Power was accredited to the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 since 2005 in recognition of our unassailing efforts in managing and controlling work risks to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and continual improvement in our safety management systems and practices.

In recognising that the best safety management systems and standards are only effective if people comply with them and consistently act in a safe manner, we took a systematic approach in health and safety management by actively promoting and nurturing a behaviour-based safety culture within the Company.

Behaviour-based safety involves a process that focuses on three elements namely, personal responsibility, individual consequences and proactive interventions. Key to the success of this process is employees’ willingness to uphold safety practices. We constantly review and enhance our safety practices and procedures to encourage our employees to be accountable for their own safety as well as that of the people around them.

The promotion of behaviour-based safety is also extended to our partners such as contractors and suppliers.

Tuas Power was awarded the Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Performance Silver Awards by the Singapore WSH Council for three consecutive years (2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013) in recognition for its excellent safety and health performances.