Health and Safety

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management system allows us to reduce health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, and meet regulatory requirements. The system is based on a hazard identification and risk assessment of all work processes and activities undertaken at Tuas Power Station. Our Workplace Safety & Health Committee undertakes monthly site safety inspections, and since 2005, the system has been independently certified under OHSAS 18001.

Safety on the job

The best standards and systems are only effective if the established procedures, rules, and principles are adhered to by the employees at the work place. Our HSE Policy is communicated to all employees and contractors and, to enhance our safety performance, we have implemented a Behaviour-Based safety process in our business.

Behaviour-based safety

Behaviour-based safety is a continuous improvement process that we are using to develop a strong safety culture, where employees are continually encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own safety, as well as that of the people around them. We help employees to identify the consequences of their actions and to make proactive interventions to reduce risks, by:

  • Promoting safe behaviour
  • Reducing At-Risk behaviour
  • Reducing safety and health risks at work

The core of the Behaviour-based safety programme is a process of safety observation and feedback. A great deal of work has been done to identify a detailed list of critical ‘At-Risk’ behaviours by category (for example: in the use of personal protective equipment, use of tools and equipment, body position, use of mobile equipment). A team of trained observers uses these lists to observe people at work and identify At-Risk behaviours and give immediate feedback to the workers involved.