Green Sponsorships and Community Engagement

Green Sponsorships

Tuas Power has been a firm supporter of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) since its launch in 2008. SIEW is an annual platform for energy professionals, policy makers and commentators to discuss energy issues, strategies and solutions.

The Company also supports youth and student projects with an environmental message to inspire Singaporeans to care for our living environment by adopting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

In conjunction with the launch of its new value-added service, the Lighting Solutions, Tuas Power sponsored S$100,000 worth of energy saving lighting solutions to help five charitable organisations – YMCA Singapore, Metta Welfare, Ren Ci Hospital, Moral Home for the Aged and Rainbow Centre – Margaret Drive School – reduce their overhead costs and enable them to put the much needed funds to better use.

In 2007, Tuas Power provided a $500,000 sponsorship-in-kind for the development of a combined power and cooling (CPC) system under an Energy Research Project at the Prototype Glasshouse managed by the National Parks Board. Under this project, the company supplied, installed and commissioned two 30kWe microturbines and a 20RT absorption chiller, which employs energy-saving technology. The project aims to develop and study the effects of air-conditioned space cooling and humidity control for the Prototype Glasshouse, which acts as an important research base to test horticultural techniques, building materials and energy systems that will eventually be implemented at the Conservatory Complex of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. This sponsorship represents not only Tuas Power’s contribution towards Singapore’s larger development plans but also forms an integral part of the continued efforts of the company toward energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Community Outreach

Community partnership

Children are the future pillars of our society and they should be given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, regardless of their family backgrounds or learning difficulties. It is with this belief in mind that Tuas Power has firstpartnered two charity organisations – Student Care Service (Clementi) and Katong School – in 2010 to help their young beneficiaries overcome their difficulties and maximise their potential. Besides providing financial assistance, the Company also organises outings that allow our staff to interact with the children under the charge of the two charities. To encourage staff volunteerism, a voluntary committee comprising staff from different departments was formed within the Company to plan and organise volunteering activities with our partner charities. In appreciation of its contributions to the two charity organisations, Tuas Power received a Bronze Award from ComChest in November 2010. Starting 2015, Tuas Power is looking at two other charity organisations to support and work with for the next four years.

Other than supporting Student Care Service (Clementi) and Katong School, Tuas Power also makes donations to numerous other charity causes on an ad-hoc basis. In particular, in 2010 the Company made monetary contributions to two selected schools in which the children of some of its staff are studying. The donations went toward helping needy students (under the Financial Assistance Scheme administered by the schools) to purchase school essentials such as uniforms and textbooks.

Staff Philanthropy

Tuas Power endorses the SHARE programme, a fund-raising programme of ComChest. Employees are encouraged to sign up for the programme, under which a monthly contribution to ComChest is deducted from the individual employee’s monthly salary.

Each year, Tuas Power would hold an internal auction of items that were received from its corporate partners. All proceeds collected from the auction were then channelled towards a selected charity organisation. This is to encourage staff to donate generously to charity causes.

Tuas Power organised its own dollar-for-dollar donation drives to lend financial aid to victims of international calamities. For the period 2012-2014, our staff collectively donated a sum of more than S$14,000.00 towards the aid of victims from the Ya’an City earthquake in Sichuan, China and the Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. With the Company matching more than a dollar for a dollar of staff donation, the total amount came up to more than S$40, 000.00.