Green Business Initiatives

Cogeneration and Trigeneration Technologies

Cogeneration and Trigeneration facilities simultaneously produce two or three utilities such as steam, chilled water and electricity. Thus, the energy efficiency of Cogeneration and Trigeneration systems is typically high, about 80 per cent. By developing such Combined Heat and Power facilities for our clients, we are able to help them reduce their annual emissions by more than 10 per cent and this effectively translates to smaller carbon footprint for them.

Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex

The Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC) is an integration of innovation, efficiency and environmental sustainability. By housing various facilities within one complex to eliminate duplication of services, optimising resources and recycling wastes, we are able to achieve high system efficiencies, minimise energy wastage, and provide cost-competitive utility services to our customers.

Tuas Power Green Programme

A value-added service known as the Tuas Power Green Programme was launched in 2007 to complement the existing Energy Efficiency Improvement Assistance (EASe) scheme, administered by National Environment Agency (NEA). It promotes environment sustainability by offering businesses in Singapore an attractive option to undergo detailed energy audits. These energy audits encourage businesses to improve the energy usage and efficiency of their facilities and help save the environment by reducing the amount of resources they use, thus contributing to long-term environmental sustainability.

Following the success of the Green Programme, Tuas Power launched a new programme known as the Lighting Solutions to help SME customers retrofit their conventional lighting systems with energy-saving ones. This enables them to cut their lighting consumption by 30 to 80 per cent, which translates to lower energy costs.

Solid Waste Treatment and Waste Reutilisation

We offer industrial waste treatment solutions for contaminated solid industrial waste via an environmentally friendly process. This waste treatment service is managed by our Waste-to-Resource Plant in Tuas. Solid industrial waste can be re-engineered into value-added products for building and construction application.