Internal Green Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Measures

Eco-Friendly Measures

Environmental considerations form an integral part of our operations, starting from the design of the plant right down to fuel selection.

Environment-friendly plant design

Environmental concerns were fully addressed prior to the construction of the power station. Consultants specialising in environmental protection were engaged to conduct an environmental impact study in 1993. Tuas Power Station was thus designed and constructed with environment-friendly features.

In addition, Tuas Power Station has included in its design extra features that would mitigate any environmental hazards. For instance, all chemical tank yards are surrounded by bund walls, which serve as a secondary containment. The tank yards are also connected to chemical-resistant underground tank that are equipped with neutralisation facilities. In addition, cut-off valves were installed across drains at strategic locations to contain any chemical spillage within the confined perimeter of the power station.

Minimal Emission to Atmosphere

100 per cent of our electricity is generated by our five Combined Cycle Plants, which run on environmentally friendly natural gas. The gas turbine of each Combined Cycle Plant is installed with advanced fuel combustion systems including low NOx burners to keep our emissions low.

Responsible Waste Treatment

A comprehensive network of waste collection and treatment systems that spans the entire compound of the power station was installed to segregate and treat various types of wastes arising from electricity generation (e.g. oily wastes, wastewater and chemical waste).

Environment Monitoring

Tuas Power Station is equipped with a full range of environmental surveillance and protection devices so our operators in the central control room are able to assess the environmental performance of our plants and respond immediately to any departure from performance norms. For instance, CCTVs are used to monitor flue stacks smoke condition and real-time emission data are collated at the central control room. Employees are also trained to look out for potential environmental concerns around the station.