Environmental Services

As an energy producer, we are concerned about reducing the impact of our businesses on the environment. Besides ensuring that our own operations are environmentally responsible, we have also been actively seeking and promoting business solutions that help our clients minimise their carbon footprint.

Through TP Utilities, our Waste-To-Resource Plant in the Tuas area offers a one-stop solution to industrial waste treatment and re-utilization via an environmentally-friendly process. By using our patented Crystallization Technology, such waste can be re-engineered into value added products, such as ceramic aggregates for building and construction application.

Crystallisation Technology is capable of reengineering waste from a range of industries into useful and environmentally safe construction products such as bricks and synthetic aggregates, thereby reducing disposal of wastes as landfill and offering an alternative source of materials for the construction industry at the same time. By employing our waste treatment services, companies can help do their part in reducing wastage and conserving precious resources.